Odd Couple Chronicle

who’s the odd November 10, 2005


Born as a first child from humble family in Java she became adventorous in her lives. Finished study in Civil Engineering at Islamic University of Indonesia (UII-Jogjakarta) then Computer Aided Design for Construction at University of Wolverhampton UK led her to meet Mark.

She loves travelling, photography, computing and winge about british’s weather. Found her passion in oudoor activities when she was in THA (Teladan Hiking Association) SMA 1 Jogjakarta, been eksperiment doing such as : climbing, caving, walking, whitewater rafting etc. She also loves New Ages music, independent movies and good books. She hate woman magazine with ‘non-senses-celeb-thing’ , prefer spent hours gruelling OS X in her MacBook.

She is doing travel writing for blogs, mailing list and website dedicated to Indonesia Backpacker Community. All she want now is producing documentary film about indegenious people in Indonesia. Her personal blog Cerita Ambar is a journal about activities and her thought.


Born in Leeds UK. His life been wandering around the country due his dad job. From Kent, Orpington, Wales, Reading and Solihull.

Being a vivid adventurer and traveller since in University of Reading that led him into most country in Europe, climbing Dhaulagiri in Himalaya, Mt Assiniboine in British Colombia, trekking in Annapurna and Uzbekistan, tried to conquer Mont Blanc, and several attempts in cave diving in Mendip Yorkshire Dales. He is best known for his para gliding, beach kite, even surfing in icy beach Portland.

As an electronics engineer he has been managed several projects in UK, Singapore, China at US-based mobile phone company. He loves taking pictures of wildlife specially insects, reading books (JRR Tolkien and Douglas Adams are his favorite), wrecking his computer and abusing his cameras. His personal web mainly about professionals area.