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Kenny G Live : My Teenage Dream January 22, 2006

Filed under: Singapore — ambar @ 11:37 pm

It was a dream come true. When I was 16 years old, turned on the radio at my friend’s house I froze while listening a magical sound from an instrument that later I found the name -saxophone. That pieces of song led me to spend my pocket money to buy a cassette called Kenny G Live 1989. I never regret it. From his whole albums (sole album or compilation), this album I crowned it as the best. Not because I felt the intimate Kenny but also I found jazz was an interesting kind of music.

Friday 20th we went to the show at Max Pavillion a building at Singapore Expo. I was hoping to see him at outdoor stage just like in 1989 tour, but turned out to be indoor with may be two thousands audience. The good news that the acoustic system was excellent. Kenny backed by his teammate showed what the music can be. Rich with improvisation, powerful instrument and careful choice of songs were add on the great night.

Piece like his “ Silhouette” was a beautiful opening song while he wandering around rows of the audience. Also he showed his circular breathing technique that blow saxophone in a very very long breath. My favorite such as “Song Bird” , ” Home”, “Tribeca” -played jamm with bassist, “Going Home” were line up nicely. I did enjoy the song as I imagined when I heard many years ago. Kenny closed the session with “My Heart Will Go On” soundtrack of Titanic -a wonderful climax.
Back on my seat, I felt like dreaming. Thanks Mark for our 1st anniversary gift !


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