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Indochina Journal 5 : Welcome to Backpacker’s Capital City January 9, 2006

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Bangkok, 4 January 2006

Got off from train station in Hualamphong, we hurried looked for the taxi. We met two Kiwis to share a taxi to Khaosan Rd. Only 50BHT for four people it seems that was the good price. The Kiwis did similar loop route like us, but they started and ended in Bangkok. Then begun ritual backpacker: walking down street looking for accommodation. In Khaosan Rd it was rare to book in advance for room. Easy way to do is : came, asked, checked, and got it !. We were lucky had 1 room in Happy House with the price 495BHT.

Like the legend of backpacker itself, Khaosan Rd was a trade mark. Its place that strategic close to Grand Palace, the Port 13 of Chao Phraya rivers and National Gallery made Khaosan were easy to be accessed.

Also you will see the impact of cross culture happened. Tempted by Asia’s charm, people from the European country and Australia made Thailand the main stopover before heading to other exotic places like Bali and India. In minutes you will see the bands of backpacker wandering around for food or simply reading the books.

Here you will see travel agent busy arranging visas or served the transport to the other part of the country. Name sign for laundry a kilo for 25BHT scattered along the street collide with street vendors. Everything was sold and bought here.

Bangkok is a picture of Asian city. Chaos, noisy and confusing. I had quick notice of what they called tuk-tuk. Three wheeled bike with seat in back that transfer you to any other part of city. I found tuk-tuk was not really good for transport effectively. Because of the driver did not speaking English and no map knowledge. I use boat more often passed through the river or tunnel. In three days I did recovering from my upset tummy and also prepare my broken heart after failing into Vietnam.


3 Responses to “Indochina Journal 5 : Welcome to Backpacker’s Capital City”

  1. OingRah Says:

    Hah..thus far you have discovered S.E Asia…but don’t stop there in Bangkok. Move further south and enter ‘Sgenting Kra’ (u have to find out whre it is!)and enjoy your serenity of Southerern Thailand..but be careful of ‘trouble southern Thailand’ and you won’t complete your journey until you move further to enchanting of Peninsula Malaysia.Preferably you shud choose Pekan Golok (Thailand) and Rantau Panjang (Kelantan Malaysia).Enjoy your journey.

  2. --ambar-- Says:

    thank you for the info. We went to Northern Thailand but no guts to continue to southern area. We love Malaysia too. It’s wonderful country !

  3. OingRah Says:

    Hi – Ambar..I’am vivid traveller too and following and gets some tips from your travel routes, places of interest and of course ‘decent’ lodging whre I can lay my head. Keep on posting. Send my best regards to Mark too.

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