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Indochina Journal 4: My first Comitted Crime in Thailand January 8, 2006

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Bangkok, 1 January 2006

From Vang Vieng we moved to Vientiene.The mini-van was ordered through the receptionist at the Villa Nam Song cost $7 departed at 1.30 pm. The road condition was not too bad only this vehicle appreared to be too slow. It took 2 hours in moderate speed but apparently 3.5 hours were standard here.

Vientiene was not too impressive for us. Possibly because we visited the best places in Laos that made the capital looked dingy. Anyway we stayed at Haysoke Guesthouse -clean and big with $15 for two inc AC. We enjoyed the New Year here, walked down the streets feel the atmosphere of a big night.

Next day we went to the Wattay airport, but then just realised that Mark needed visas to Vietnam.Unfortunately at January 1 almost all the offices and travel agent were closed. While Monday was a the bank holiday).Then the possibility of arranging visa was on Tuesday (3/01), the fastest service need at least 24 hours.. While we must return to Singapore at Thursday night. So we cancelled our travel to Hanoi on that day.

Our consideration were: one -as soon as possible to get out from Vientiene, two-think about the alternative destination furthermore without require a visa , three-e transport must be easy and must be in reasonable distance. We thought Bangkok likely more promising.
Aalthough we did not like big city, at least we will have more photo opportunity here. We thought about transportation. The bus needed 20 hours, while the train would need overnight. Also we already crossed Friendship Bridge -the main border of Laos and Thailand.
We decided to take an overnight train from Nong Khai departed 705pm and arrived in Bangkok 7.35am. With the ticket 568BHT we would be able to the sleep at a very comfortable bed. But in here was my first “crime” occurred.

At 5am suddenly I felt so sick. I reckoned something that we ate before that contains some bug and upset my stomach. I couldn’t wait anymore, I had vomit in a very clean sheet bed. Don’t know what to do but sure I have to report it to cleaning boy. Ow if you saw his face I felt so guilty. Also not to mention the fine threat that was brought forward by him. The security walked pass several times in our compartment but only caught a person without the ticket two bed apart from me. Ufff ……nearly


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