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Indochina Journal 3: The Notorious Route 13 January 8, 2006

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Vientiene, 31 December 2005 

We spent two nights exploring Louang Phabang. It was not  enough.
to capture the beauty of this place. However we must leave.The ticket
bus was ordered in travel agent that stretched along the Xiang Thong road.
It was depart at 830 am from Southern Bus Station cost for $8 each.
In the morning Louang Phabang  covered by  thick fog with the
temperature around 15C. We will follow the trip towards Vang Vieng
took 7 hours from Loaung Phabang.

The route 13 was one section of the Laos road between  Kasi village -
Vang Vieng. This route was previously known with its ferocity
of the bandits that partly from insurgent Hmong ethnic. There is
no bus service at night. The road condition was bad and the possibility
of the landslide made this route  even harder. 

That morning our VIP bus was ready. Oh don't think about how nice
VIP bus is but this bus just like  economic class - old , broken bench,
and without AC. I saw  a Lao troops hid the riffle beneath his camouflage
jacket. Then in one jump he entered one of the  bus towards Vientine.

Although the route 13  was notoriously wild but here you will find
the best view. Scenery along the road was extraordinary. Mountains
stretched as far  the eyes gaze on. Limestone walls a high as several
hundred metres on right and left side made my eyes couldn't even blink.
I felt grateful that we didn't take flight on this route. This scenery
could not been bought with  money.

At 5pm  we arrived in Vang Vieng a place that regard itself as a new
stopover for backpacker. In high season like december it was
difficult to find suitable guesthouse. Just before sunset we found
a room at Villa Nam Song  which had a great view of the cliff across
the Nam Xong river. Thanks to Nefran    for Vang Vieng information.
This place is a hidden gem of Laos.  Happy New Year 2006, we will
celebrate in Vientiene.


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