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Indochina Journal 1: Christmas with Pom January 8, 2006

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Christmas with Pom
Originally uploaded by About Asia.

Chiang Mai, 26th December 2005 at 8.11pm

Here we are, six foreigners were casted in a bamboo hut in the settlement of the Lisu ethnic group at Chiang Do territory 90 km north Chiang Mai Thailand. Accompanied by a candle and Chang beer, Pom and Nata -our host entertained us in their simple house. Christmas Eve was celebrated simply by shared story about the ethnic group’s Lisu culture -a group that originally from China and spread in the Thai border territory, Burma and Laos.

Pom was pretty, smart and very good spoke English, while Nata could understand us. Pom cooked dinner : gourd soup and veg stir fry.Nata was our guide for the second day trekking. Pom explained about the Lisu culture while we were eager to listen and ask questions. As a teacher Pom is really ideal. Her knowledge was very broad, from Sasame Street to the books. She amazed when she listen to Harry Potter and Half Prince Blood read by Stephen Fry on mp3 player.

For the third day trekking only the two of us remained, others withdrew as they did not have suitable footware for the slippery condition. In fact this was a rare opportunity to visit isolated villages in Chiang Do National Park. Today we return Chiang Mai headed to the border of Laos through Chiang Khong. The bus trip and boat required us to spend overnight. I can’t wait for the Mekong journey.


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