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End 2005 Trip : Indochina December 18, 2005

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Next week we will begin the Indochina Trekking (Northern Thailand-Laos-Vietnam).It will start on Friday at 23rd Dec and end on 5th January 2006. Yes we will spend christmas and new year somewhere afar from snow. All these routes were rough guide, we have several consideration that need attention to.

23/12 Singapore – Chiang Mai (evening)
Prepare for hill trekking and rafting the trip for the next day
Night City sighting
stay overnight at Chiang Mai guesthouse
24/12 Trekking/Rafting Pick up by the tour operator
25/12 Trekking/Rafting
26/12 Trekking/Rafting stay overnight at Chiang Do

27/12 Travel Mekong River across the border via Chiang Rai
28/12 Travel Mekong River via Houayxai
29/12 Travel Mekong River
30/12 City the tour of Louang Phrabang
31/12 Travel to Vientiene via land, pop in Vang Vieng
1/01 City the Viantiene tour

02/01 Flight from Vientiene to Hanoi
Travel to Ha Long City 3hrs with bus
Stay overnight at Ha Long City
03/01 Ha Long Bay, Stay overnight on the boat
04/01 Ha Long Bay, Stay at guesthouse Ha Long or back to Hanoi
05/01 City the tour (day) the back to Singapore (evening)

Heading Laos border through Houayxai we need boat sailing down along Mekong River. The options is either slowboat (2D/1N) and speedboat (6 hrs). This option was still in mind while I want to enjoy view and live in the Mekong river or riding 70 mil/hrs. With speedboat I can save time for solid 2 days that could be used to explore Louang Phabang/Vang Vieng.

Also the route Louang Phabang-Vientiene it seems more convenient with the bus. The choice between Lao Aviation that had the bad reputation made me think twice. But travelled by bus also not significantly safe. There is no public toilet along the route so people usually goes to nature. Like it’s neighbour Cambodia, Laos experienced the same problem with the mine. Do you think it will safe ?

Ha Long City was not so worrying me. Several friends had been there said that this place was very pleasant. For visas, I do not requireone as Vietnam is part of ASEAN country. While Laos, I need to apply in the Laos Embassy in Singapore, because the Houayxai border did not allow visas on arrival.


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