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Google Earth : an experiment September 18, 2005

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We just played with Google Earth, the application that integrate with GPS data. The problem is we haven’t got the USB cable connector for e-Trex garmin GPS receiver. So Mark created this connector with 9pin to 4 teeth into GPS. We used GPSUtility 4.15.5 freeware. GPSU not allowed us to save file, so we input manually into Google Earth. The result was not too bad.

Those picture above taken from trekking in Mt Semeru Java. We held the data but simply didn’t work it out how to store it. Oh yes a good news is Google put altitude information on mountains or POI.

We can create path based on log data but we haven’t purchase the Google Earth Plus (US$30). So in meantime we just delighted what we’ve done.



3 Responses to “Google Earth : an experiment”

  1. Rani Says:

    keren banget euy. gue baru tau kalo GE bisa menampilkan kontur gunung tsb. publish dong kml-nya biar bisa dibuka di GE ku. terus jangan lupa taro foto di flickr dengan Geotag, supaya bisa di lihat di GE juga.

  2. --ambar-- Says:

    walah masih belang-belonteng ne Rani. Ntar klo yang Rinjani jadi ajah. Cuma musti nge-hack dulu untuk dapet path secara penuh. Ntar dulu yah….

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