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Cory’s campaign in Singapore (part1) September 4, 2005

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Audio (1MB MP3)
Video (1.7MB Quicktime)

Yes.. Cory Doctorow in Singapore for Singapore Writers Festival this weekend. His session : Copyright and Future Media turn out with various issues such as why he published his science fiction novels free in internet, what actually a battle ground of copyright and about Creative Common License. As a co-editor of Boing-Boing (urghhhh… the most popular blog in this planet) he also works for Electronic Frontier Foundation to promote civil liberties related with technology. Sorry for shaky footage Corry…anyway loved your shirt, I shall get one from here.


3 Responses to “Cory’s campaign in Singapore (part1)”

  1. Preetam Says:

    nice, thanks for the video link, i did not record the sunday session. hope you guys will upload it.

  2. pinkiebrown Says:

    excellent! thanks for recording this, i had to work that day, dammit.

  3. enda Says:

    woi ketemu cory doctorow! keren! :P–>

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