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Nias Journal 3 Kids Kids Kids August 25, 2005

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morning exercise at pre school in Afia Camp

In Gunung Sitoli we taught English and Math in three camps. Supomo and Remeling were only walking distance from PKPA Nias. But Afia Camp was 30 minutes by car. Normally Dewi and Fitri (two volunteers with headscarf) using public transport goes every Thursday Friday and Saturday on two sessions . First for pre-school and about late afternoon for Elementary school. Here we did exercise, playing and singing the song.

orphanage of OMO Tomorrow Hope

We visited an orphanage on top of the hill in Gn Sitoli. When we were there, they already finished dinner. The place are well constructed, barely could see any damaged by earthquake. The kids were so cheerfull, had a lot questions about our team. Rahim, Ady and me were lucky that we can understand what they said. But some of them were really good in English. Translator were not needed here !!

A funny story about the way we went that me and Sue Jan had to walk to this place. Our becak (bicycle turn into three wheels ride) decided to break its wheels. Shame though. I guess not because I am too fat ! I had similar incident in Medan on our last day in Sumatra. We went to a supermarket in town then the chain of motocycle loosened. It just stopped . Oh how lucky I was…

our class in sirombu (click the image for video)

The English classes that run in Sirombu were in temporary shelter in the front of SD (Sekolah Dasar=Elementary School). The structure of the shelter made from bamboo, the roof from palm leaves (rumbia) without wall perfect for hot and humid Nias. The kids were great. They learnt very quickly. We had several competition to build up their short of achievement. It was wild !!


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