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Nias Journal 2 Sirombu activities August 25, 2005

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road to sirombu (click the image to see how we crossed this bridge)

Sirombu was 84km from Gunung Sitoli. It was an area that suffered by tsunami and earthquake. We were there to support PKPA’s suplementary class in English. Also supported pre school class that run in emergency shelter. We travelled with an ambulance in very very bumpy road. It took nearly 4,5 hours. We actually crossed Nias island shore to shore through several hills and valleys. We had to stop about 45 min in this bridge just tried to get through. I stopped a man with full of durian to take picture of his adorable fruit.

morning sesson with pre-school (click the image to see on video)

We held play sesson, drawing, singing the song, etc. Playing cat and mouse really amusing. We made a circle and the cat tried to catch the mouse inside it. Erni (with headscarf) the local volunteer helped us to get along with the kids. It was fun though !!

dinner with all PKPA members

This is what we done every evening. Dinner together with plastic dishes in plastic mat. The food were fantastic ! lots of seafood and really really spicy. Umi the chef treated us very well. We (the girls) aslo slept in this room where in the day became a kitchen for Umi.

our water for toilet

Water was not a big problem in Sirombu. The quality so poor, contaminated by salt . But you can find water sources easily. We used the bucket to get the water. Around 2-3m deep. I had to learn to do this. Everytime I put the bucket down, it was back only half full ! This is also a communal toilet. So there would be a few people showered together in same spot. Hah…


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