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Project Ya’ahowu : Child’s Play in NIAS July 28, 2005

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I will join the team from Raleigh Society in Singapore to go to Pulau Nias Indonesia at 30 July until 14Agt 2005. Project Ya’ ahowu : Child Play dedicated to provide education for the children who left homeless after Tsunami and massive earthquake.

We will conduct basic education such as Math, English and Health along with their morning school. Our local partner PKPA Centre of Study and Child Protection in Medan Sumatera will work closely in play theraphy session.

We need some more education materials, such as books, story books, stationary, charts, posters etc. Alternatively you can make a cash donation. Several teams been set up to continue this project until end of 2005. If you interresting to be a volunteer just let them know by going into theis site or email. We need more people specially who can speak Bahasa Indonesia or Malay.

Please email at : tsunami_reconstruction@raleigh.org.sg or contact +65 9456 0632

Update 29 Augt 2005 per-email : for next project Raleigh has not been cleared officially on new scope for future teams.


2 Responses to “Project Ya’ahowu : Child’s Play in NIAS”

  1. Julia Says:

    Eh Mbak Ambar, aku lihat fotonya yang di India/ di MAlaysia. ada foto lilin2. Aku mau tanya kalau aku mau foto lilin pas malam dengan lampu redup kok mesti nggak jadi ya. Gimana caranya biar bagus. Mabak Ambar ini pake camera di gital semua fotonya ya. Pake Camera apa ?Aku sekarang ini pake Cannon EOS 500 bukan yang digital.Digital aku punya Fuji finepix, lumayan sih tapi banyak macem programnya yang aku nggak pake.

  2. --ambar-- Says:

    waduh susah neranginnya. Yang jelas biar sukses jangan pakai flash dan pinjem tripod. Coba klo pake Finepix set ke macro (itu yang ada gambar bunganya). Pokoknya eksperimen terus ampe dapet….

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