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Taman Sari : A Place for Pleasure July 24, 2005

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Tamansari is a popular tourist destination in my hometown Yogyakarta Indonesia. Its location is so convenient to the city center and Pasar Ngasem (Ngasem Marketplace). The only way to get around Tamansari is by walking. You will get more opportunities to enjoy the various tropical vegetations, local community houses, and batik galleries.

Tamansari was built in 1758 as a pleasure palace complex for Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, the King of Yogyakarta. The 59-building compound included a mosque, meditation chambers, swimming pools, and a series of 18 water gardens and pavilions surrounded by ornamental lakes. The palace complex fell out of use following an earthquake in 1867, which destroyed several buildings and drained the famous water features. Over time, squatters began to inhabit the site, living among the deserted pavilions and building homes in the former lakebeds.

I went to visit again to see extensive renovation being done. Some areas were wonderful like it was. Specially the main polls (Gedong Panunjukan and Temanten) and the big gate (Gapura Agung). The underground water tunnel yet being fully paint. I found lots grafitti and vandals that beeing there for years. But now, by stages I see how the local authorities tried so hard to rejuvinate those building.

Still this place was so photogenic for me. I will be back.

(some text taken from PPS Project for Public Space)


2 Responses to “Taman Sari : A Place for Pleasure”

  1. Julia Says:

    Hi mbak Ambar, aku udah lihat tuh foto kamar mandinya…hi.hii..Eh mbak Ambar foto yang gambar tangga hitam putih, bagus sekali fotonya.Belajar photographie, belajar sendiri?sejak kapan suka photographie?.

  2. --ambar-- Says:

    Iya belajar sendiri. Baru pegang kamera sekitar dua tahun lalu. Punya sendiri baru setahun lalu, sebelumnya pinjem….

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