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Virtual Reality Photos : my first contribution July 5, 2005

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Finally after three days of hardship this is the first contribution for World Wide Panorama. A massive Project was sponsored by the Geography Computing Facility University of California Barkeley that website been facilitated in The Geo Images Project. The panorama was the form of immersive virtual reality photography that had independence to look around 360 degree view.

This event was carried out to welcome June Solstice. Scheduling for taking pictures, editing and posting being coordinated by G Donald Bain and Landis Bennet. While the site server was handed over to Markus Altendorff.

I only could make cylindrical type which is a traditional VR because of the limitations of the equipment and software. For the camera that I with was Nikon D70 with the position potrait. Panohead for the tripod used Manfrotto 330. For Tioman Project I used software PTMac free trial for stitching and the production of the panorama in QTVR format. Also QuickTime 7. 0 Pro and Photoshop Element 3. 0 to editing. I glanced at RealViz Stitcher that more powerful from PTMac. Only I was waiting for confirmation for student edition price. For my computer used PowerMac G5.

Ironically around 500 photographers that participated only me that came from Indonesia. Another thing is this a very first work was about Tioman – a tiny island in Malaysia. I really want to produce a panorama that represent Indonesia’s beauty. Imangine that Indonesia has soooo many islands (12,ooo including Bali). Shame that on that time (16-24 June) I had not been in Indonesia, but learn how to snorkell in Tioman. I have seen several VR photos about Indonesia in World Heritage theme. They are wonderfull VR pictures of Borobudur (a biggest budhist temple) in every level. Unfortunately this was not created by Indonesians.

To make cubic and spherical I need more hardship. At least this is a first step for next projects. One of them is to make a virtual map to my hometown Yogyakarta as part of the tourist promotion. Unfortunately (again) I am not a programmer/webdesign that could produce a very nice website. Please anybody help me !!!!

After you have a look at mine, please feel free to look at the other entries. Some are really good. Theme for this event is Water to celebrate June Solstice. We took pictures of Tioman jetty point when we had a long weekend. You might have experience for being there if you moving around panorama.


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