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Snorkelling lessons at Tioman Island June 22, 2005

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Coral reef at Tioman island

Oh true, this is my first snorkelling ever. As you know, I am terribly couldn’t float very well. Wet suit might help, still I need life jacket on. Phobic….hmmm yep, specially face to face with a group of really big big fish.

We spent long weekend in Tioman Island. About 134 km from Johor Bahru/JB Malaysia. To cross the island we had a bumpy ride with speedboat from Mersing around 2 hours. We stayed at Salang village, furthest north of the island. This site was best for diving and snorkelling. And sooo quiet.
The accomodation was quite good. We had RM40 per night at a chalet with fan or you’ll get more sophisticated one with Air Con cost around RM100. The food was fantastic. Lots of seafood and juice. Recommended : terabali fish and squid BBQ. They did it with banana leaf and soy sauce served with sambal (chili).

We managed to have a snorkelling tour on Sunday. It cost RM50 per person, that were just fab ! Three sites of snorkelling : Coral Reef, Tulai island and Monkey Bay. The best one was the Coral Reef. I am very nervous when started it. Soon I went down and saw the fish, I forgot my fear. They were soooo beautiful. We fed them with bits of apple. Some fish were so excited and bite my finger or knee.

Those pictures taken with Kodak disposable camera. Yes the cheapy one (its $14.95 or RM50). Mark need to dive down to get the best view. And that was worth it. Except I lost my glasses at Monkey Bay ’cause the monkey nicked it. Yes the monkey. I bet they can read now.


One Response to “Snorkelling lessons at Tioman Island”

  1. artson_ns Says:

    adouh bikin iri ajah neh, cibang cibung… kapan yah bisa ke situ…. btw foto foto yang lainnya donk

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