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Ambar first diving experience June 7, 2005

Filed under: Singapore — ambar @ 4:59 pm

I am OK but nervous

We went to Celebrate the Sea 2005 at Suntec City for An Unforgettable Evening -a great presentation of two leading marine scientist and a National Geographic photographer. It was really good. There were exibition about diving school and environmental issues. Also some photography product for underwater such as housing. Then Sunday we went again to buy curved google (to correct my short sight) and Mark’s snorkell. We were looking for the Scuba Asia Tour- one of PADI program to introduce diving. And that was FREE ! The big tank was on the entrance of Suntec and there a small queque ready to go (lots of them were kids ..) I was challenged to do this.

First we have to sign paper about health history and watched short video. Then got change. I was nervous (see I hold DV all the time !). But Vincent-my instructor was great and patient. I let him know about my phobic and he didin’t pressure to do more tasks. Hmmm I will do it again.


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