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Borneo May 2005 (part I) May 31, 2005

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There were great wildlife, wonderful plants, amazing people and incredible landscape

This is our journey into deep jungle of Sarawak. Land with myth and folk. Land with history back to 18’s century when the first explorer discover hidden gem of equator. Even now the sense of unknown what we will find presence in every step into dense forest. We discovered more and more, truly because we loved what the nature give us.

We organised this journey with help and support from Borneo Adventure. We spent 5 days and 4 night in Gunung Mulu National Park. There were four show caves, river boating, trekking 8km and 11.3 km, climbing the Pinnacles and visiting Iban and Penan tribes with their longhouses. Also we went to Lambir Hills National Park and Batu Niah Cave Park. The last one was a cave which human remain and painting claimed to be the oldest in South East Asia dated 40,000 years old.

From Johor Bahru we catched the flight to Miri with budget flight Air Asia. Miri just received their city status at 20th May, so we missed the celebration also we will miss the Hari Gawai -a harvest party of the Dayak tribes. Mainly held for a month, the party will held spreading whole country inthe longhouses of the tribes.

Miri lied about sea level, 1.5 hours from Brunei Darussalam. It is a quite nice city with strong characters of Chinese. Most of business here deal with Chinese, the rest would be Malay and Serawak tribes. Miri also takes advantage of oil industry while company like Shell has several oil rigs just few miles from it beaches.

We spent a night at Miri then heading to Mulu National Park first thing in the morning. With Malaysia Airlines connect most of the remote area of Sabah and Serawak, you won’t worry about transportation. Other service would be river boating to access further deep of Borneo. Mulu were open in 1996. But it is already gain as The World Heritage by Unesco because of rich in biodiversity and most studied of tropical karst.

That’s why we were there.


3 Responses to “Borneo May 2005 (part I)”

  1. I am jealous! I visited Sarawak 1994 on my first backpacking-trip. It was an amazing destination! I specially liked the Mulu National Park with the cave!
    I am pleased that it is now included in the UNESCO World Heritage List!

    If you are generally interested in UNESCO World Heritage Sites: I am running a blog on World Heritage Topics: http://worldheritage-forum.net/en/

  2. --ambar-- Says:

    thanks Mathias, I will visit more World Heritage site specially from my own country Indonesia. We have 7 wonderful sites to explore. See you around

  3. You are welcome to post some stories about them in my weblog!

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