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Second Apple Computer after 25 years May 10, 2005

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first apple computer

This picture above taken 1976 when two founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak showed the original apple computer in wooden box. And since 1975 the Aple series become PC sold in homeowner in US. Then Microsoft took everything up. They made Apple stop producing in 1992.

Mark recalled his first Apple computer was a IIe. Bought when he was a uni student-pressie from Jean to exsperimenting BASIC-a languange in early PC. The apple system was under DOS and we should type the command for creating programm. Mark still keep the IIe at the attic in our house in Solihull. He keep the apple for the value of history or probably for an antique collection.

Today we bought stylish Mac G5 from Funan IT Centre. We decided to buy Mac instead of a new telly. We thought telly more passive than a computer. Specially with completly new system we have to learn alots things. Telly also dragging us to less productive, and sometimes make so difficult to get out and do exercise. So here we are ….sexy G5. Lists of project will follow soon : my thesis, VR panorama pictures, photo library, BLOGs (curently I maintained three blogs: this one, Indonesian, and about Cycling in Singapore -it’s gone now)

Our first night with Mac was frustating. Tried to figure out the mail system and set up network from my Windows to Mac. We struggling but we enjoy it. Anyway I LOVE MAC and MARK

Update from Jean Corbridge :
Added info for Mark’s first computer

19 April 1980 : Apple computer £1307.55
19 April 1980 :TV for computer display £150.00
29 Jul 1980 : Integer Card for Apple computer £133.40† to increase processing speed
Total price £1590.95

For our new Apple:
10 May 2005 : PowerMac 2GHz Dual G5
10 May 2005 : Apple 23inc Cinema Display

Plus upgraded memory for 1GB RAM
Total price S$6400
We had good offer that day because we pay in cash !

List of software we need:

  • Office Mac S$249
  • Realviz Student version 140Euro
  • Pictures compressor for Mac (?)
  • .Mac actually a website hosting for mac user S$149


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