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A Sunday Ritual May 9, 2005

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The Sunday Times

The one of many things that I missed UK is The Sunday Times. Yes, we hardly difficult to find Bristish paper edition in this country. I missed to get up in the morning, pop down into local corner shop and buy a bundle of The Sunday paper with a bag of breakfast feast.

With internet technology, it’s so easy to gather information from homeland. But I tell you, it’s different when you hold a real newsPAPER. That’s why we (or me actually) subscribe the Sunday Times from the Newspaperdirect. It delivered same day, in real size but black and white. Not completed with glossy magazine or holiday stuff. Only frontpage, indepth review, football (yess what else we want to hear from Britain) and bussiness section.

Also we subscribe the local English newspaper The Straits Times for saturday and sunday only . It made us a little bit closer with local issues such as technology, construction or government’s regulations. The paper like its sister in UK came with a bundle. But nearly 35% was advertising. It’s a pain for us. The good thing about journalism here, there weren’t crazy paparazzi hanging around in the celebrity’s life. So NO rubbish news about actress have an affair with this sod, or someone bought jewelery for their lover. Frankly : I am not interresting


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