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Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve May 1, 2005

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animal enjoy living here

We visited Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve just outside the city. It was recommended by Nature Society Singapore which established itself as birdwatching expert. Their collection of pictures, leaflet and CD about bird were amazing.

Set off from home about 9am with courtessy bus to City Hall then get off at Woodlands. On Sunday and Bank Holiday the SBS bus No 925 will service right on the gate of the Park. So took about an hour or so to get there. There were three walks based on the distance and one boardwalk for mangrove.

We started on the mangrove walk which on the leaflet should takes 30 minutes. We endend up spent nearly a hour photographing lovely animal. Ok these the story of how we captured the series (from top left to right) :

[1] It was a small lizzard (20cm length) under the tree. Mark took it after spotted the lizzard not far from the cafe (actually about five people around and seemed not knowing its precense)

[2] Again this creature actually really small snake with head just poped out on the tree. We barely seen it. It was because two naturalist helped us with their sophisticated binocular that caught in our eyes. We about 3 metres from the tree, I have to cropped hardly to actually seeing this lovely thing.

[3] This kingfisher we recognised as Collared Kingfisher (Halcycon chloris). We hide on the mangrove hut when started raining. With the distinctive sound quite easy to locate them.

[4]The pigeon. We caught it when looking for worm on the track. In Java this kind of bird been trained to sing. There’s competation usually with hundreds of bamboo poll and the judge pick the winner from the length and beauty of the singing. I used to go along with my dad, carrying the bird with a fabric cover to the competation.

[5] The bird on the nest I caught when we stopped on the hut because a heavy thunderstorm. Mark did the set-up but it was too dark to capture it without light. She looked ok after been battered by winds

[6] The lizzard on the poll not far from the walk. I couldn’t see it because too dark. Mark did very well with spot it first.

[7] Mudskipper underneath board walk. It was quite difficult to get them closer except you have longer lens. This is a maximum we can get. With height about 2.5metres it designed to accomodate Higest High Water Spring Tide HHWST

[8] Mark got it.

[9] lots varieties of crab. This one was big enough to close to our camera

In the end we only took route 1 walk (shortest) because of a heavy rain and thurdery storm. We promised to come back.


4 Responses to “Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve”

  1. Lili Says:

    Bar, angle2 photo kamu bagus2.

  2. --ambar-- Says:

    Thanks very much. If you want to see more : just click on More Photos and Photobox. There were five albums about singapore

  3. Sivasothi Says:

    Very nice! I posted a link here, thanks!

  4. Sivasothi Says:

    Very nice! I posted a link here, thanks!–>

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