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Pulau Ubin: Back to 60’s April 24, 2005

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lizzard, grey heron, wildlife, dinner and see the car ? That was the oly taxi service in the islandPosted by Hello

We set off on Saturday at 10am using courtessy bus to City Hall MRT Station. It was quite busy as Singaporean tends to travel around afternoon time. We took East West Line (Green Line) to Tampines then SBS bus no 29 to Changi Village. In Malay, pulau mean island and ubin mean tile/floor. Combine with that as an island which produce floor. In the early Singapore, Pulau Ubin had granite quaries as they natural resources.

The bus service terminated at Changi jetty point opposite the market. The bumboat cost $2 and another $2 if you take bicycle along. No timetable, the boatman just wait until the boat full. Service start at 6am and finish at 8pm. So we have plenty time to explore this island. The journey through Serangoon Harbour took only 15 minutes. The Harbour was quite busy with bumboat and bigship passing from Malacca Strait.

It was really hot when we came. First thing to do was drink and looking for hat. Don’t forget suntan for the brave skin. Mine was brown enough !
The best way to explore this island with cycling. The track well laid, but for more fun there are many off road that you can try. Pulau Ubin is a heaven for wildlife. If you prepare for birdwatching or admire natural beauty then cycling would suit you. Cost of rent was really cheap. About $3 for whole day. Also the rent shop provide tandem and baby chair bikes.

We headed up to west part of the island, soon you will face a rural life of Singaporean. You welcomed by rooster and cicadas also singing birds. Not that long we spot a big big lizzard was hiding under the tree. We saw hawk rounding area looking for prey. The track lead us to old quarry that became swamp. The water just lovely, spotted fish and turtles swam happily.
We also visited Budhist temple. It was quite airee and the prayers just come and going. The ornaments remind me with Hindu’s tradition when I visited Little India. Some God and Goddes I knew from school textbook. I loved takes pictures of them. Simply because they were beautiful (ha..ha and meaningful). On first short rest for coconut we spot little crabs and mudfishes on the mangrove area.

We cycled back on road, visited prawn field. There were three ponds for prawn. Some ready for packing. Then we end up at Noordin Beach. It was facing Johor strait and Malaysia. We could see Malaysia’s land just less than a mile. Time was about 3pm and still really hot. So we decide have a long rest here. I was spotting grey heron on top border gate while Mark busy with his frieds. Yup…the bees. He so excited with bees digging the sands for mating (he wasn’t sure). He took lots picture of them in macro.

Spent nearly 1.5 hours in the beach we then head back to the jetty point. We were lost after crossed the first bridge, too busy watching kingfisher. We back to jetty point about 5ish. Fell hungry then we went to local food stall. We had a really nice seafood dishes. Barbeque prawn with sambal and boiled sea snails served with chilli dip. It was really really nice dinner. Al together cost $16 plus $4 for rice duck with chicken leg soup and fried rice. Hmmm nice day out.

You can see our pix at : Photobox


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