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Bird and more of them…. April 11, 2005

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We spent weekend with countrysite cycling and visit Jurong Bird Park. Since we found that there is NO topography map available in the market, we decide going to east coast by the backdoor. It was a vast area that under construction of highway interchange. We followed track that lead us to the shore. That was fun though. But then we had a big tidal tunnel that seemed too deep to cross. Desperately looking for altrenative ways but deadlock, turn back to Tanjong Rhu.

We endup going to east cost by motorway. Only about 5 minutes cycling then we had a nice track that we been used for cycling at first weekend in S’pore. Stop by for cake and ice coffe with cherry. Yummmm….People admire our bikes because sooooo dirty……

On Sunday we head up to Jurong Bird Park. We catched MRT from City Hall to Boon Lay. Then a frequent bus from nearby station carried us to the Park. We little bit early so we took Panorail to have a first glimpse of the park. We stop by at first station : Lory Loft which a big cage of metal net about 30m high. There were huts across the cage which inter conected with canopy walk….You can feed the bird for just $2 and lorries just burst into your arms (Mark been biten once and keep saying that hundreds time during the trip).

My favorite actually the rainforest birds. They are so tiny and moving so fast with beautiful colour. Also we found two giant iguana sat lazy under the tree. Mark loved the Waterfall walk where we’ll find numerous birds in such like a willife environment. The waterfall itself was manmade 30m high. Soon we’ve been there we didn’t realised that it was under a big big cage.

We were lucky that had two shows held on the place that we passed. One in sterling and bee eater stage. Bought a small cup of maggot to feed them. The second show was the eagle. Good attraction and quite entertain people. We’ve been falconry at West Midlands before and the show wasn’t good as the Jurong one. Me in another hand bust tried to take a good pictures of them. So far I failed. They move so fast, lots of them move in different direction. Follow them was just endless.

Then had a ride with panorail again as our goodbye. In the gate we pop in to koi pond. Wow that was giant koi !!!


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