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Earthquake -How to find Out ? March 29, 2005

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We woke up in the morning heard news from radio about another earhquake in Sumatra, or to be excat was at Pulau Nias. I couldn’t beliave that. Grab internet try to find out what happen. Yes it was an earthquake scale 8 Richter at midnight. We were in bed on that time. Some Singaporean reported the tremor and the building were swaying. We confidence that our tower (15 storey) is safe. This is newly built and most of the building in Asia been designed with earthquake factor depend on the location.

I found about Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia that give me a good sources of almost everything. I uses Google most of time, but take ages to identify information that direct link to what I want. If you type on the search on Wiki “earthquake” there would be a great range of the eartquake including links to the recent one in Sumatra

While if you do the same with google it’ll give you list of 6.7 million of site related with earthquake. But how you get the information about spesific one ?? You’ll have to open at least 10 of them and realise you pick wrong ones. Yes time consuming, but with wiki is just stright forward. It’s compile of information on the lengthy articles with sub catagories. You’ll give a millions links without have to open them all. I thought this is the future of searching engine. Even Google has Google Answer done by bunch researcher just with small amount of money ($2.5 to $200) or Google Scholar which give more freedom for students or researchers, I would say it’s great for people who dedicated themself spend hours in front of computer. But now people in moving. We need result now !! And wiki (means ‘quick’ in hawaiian) is the answer.

Actually Wiki is an ambitious project to create encyclopedia in the net by people in the world. They’re not profit maker company like Yahoo or Google or even Microsoft. These people just try to provide information free. Once you involve with the project you become excited. Everyone can contribute, edit, object of the contains as an authors (now around 13,000).


One Response to “Earthquake -How to find Out ?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    IRIS is a good place for earthquake info.


    has point and click maps to make life easy ?


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