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Easter with Jesus March 28, 2005

Filed under: Singapore — ambar @ 9:48 am

Went to Easter drama at Stadium with Olivia-a new friend , Jordan also Arthur from her church cell. Olivia is a nice Singaporean lady, devotee christian and she ‘s studying theology (hmmm). I’m not short of religious person but was thinking why not. Earlier that morning I read BBC New : Arcbishop of Carterbury attacked “modern culture” which obsessed of ageing and mortality. So what the Easter theme about ? Resurection of Jesus. Yes meant he lives forever. So who say what then !

After watching the drama-some scenes still controversial (as mentioned in Da Vinci Code about Mary Magdalene). I became more convinced that Jesus was a human being. Yes he was. I watched The Passion of the Christ at cinema in Solihull (without Mark of course). It was actually good movie, beautifull cinematography and rebirth of Aramaic-ancient Semit language.Although too violence I learnt about his strength and determination. And love of mother to the son. Yes Christ was a man with passion. Love (even sex), scare,pain and doubt. He is not a God or even Son of the God.

Ok happy easter everyone !!!


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