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Last Supper March 25, 2005

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Today we’re going to move in Water Place. I write this blog early morning before cut off the internet link. Water Place is a internet ready apartment. But to have the connection with Star Hub we have to wait until Saturday, hopefully we’ll be back online next week. Things getting in order now. We couldn’t apply anything until have a local bank account. To have an account we have produce FIN- a serial number of our pass. Thanks for Joseph -our estate agent. He did really good job including dealt with gas and electricity. He helped us a lots. We would recommended him to another 4 people coming from UK sometimes in this April.

We had nice last supper at Robertson Quay. Not far from Park Avenue Suite where we lived for last four weeks. It took 5 minutes walk. Called Aburiya Restaurant. Wait… if you think this is Middle east resto you’re wrong. It’s Japanese. Soon you been reserved all the crew member will cheers you with japanese say : Welcome. We sat in table (yes not in the floor ) with a barbeque grill in the middle. We had no idea what we’ll eat. So we ended up order a beginneer package.

Not long we been served with whole meals. Don’t imagine that you’ll serve like western food. Starter, apetizer, main meals etc. Nup…they just put everything in the table. First we had kimchi– a chinese cabbage which mixed with ginger, sasame oil and lots chili. Then Karubi– beef short rib been marinated with tare (salty soy sauce). The nikunjyaga-beef and sweet potato stew came with slice carrot and rice noddle.
Hmmm this going to be good…but I need time to eat this all. Nup …another coming…It was Hire-beef fillet with barbeque sauce and harami-the outside skirt marinated with shio (sweet soy sauce). And to add our misery : Gohan a small bowl of japanese rice, Tamago soup- egg soup with veg and Yasai salad- green salad with seaweed.

God bless them. How we are going to eat this all ?? Hmmm we were struggling that time. We took every kind soup first then start barbaque the meats. When we finished soup, we started eating rice combine with salad. To spice up we had a big mug of tiger beer. In the end we had a small cup ice cream. Mark had a green tea ice cream. Yup it was nice even got funny taste.

It was really good meal. Fun as well. Because you’ll responsible for BBQ your own meat meant we controlled how raw it was. Looked experiment for us. Mark never been in the resto like that before so it was new experience. Services were really good. Friendly and they will suggest you what the best for your needs. Cost $60 for food package plus $15 for two beer plus servive and tax in total about $85 or nearly 30 quid for two. But I tell you that was our great last supper.


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