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Mysterious Illness March 22, 2005

Filed under: Singapore — ambar @ 9:15 am

We’ve been ill twice since in S’pore. It wasn’t serious one. We felt suddenly weak, headache, and a little temperature up. One Friday we just lied in the bed for half day, took paracetamol and woke up still with headache.

I reckon it’s dehydration and adjusting our body into hot and humid. I noticed that headache start when we expose our self in the sun between 12-2pm. We drink a lot of water with ice cubes, that’s would make it worse. Because both of us have low blood pressure means ice cube would make blood even thinner much much thinner. That’s why we ended up got terrible headache because blood difficult to reach upper body. This is my analysis so far, GP would help the best (but Mark ignored it, he asked to buy proper umbrella instead).

It’s also related with our dietary. We had breakfast and light lunch, most of lunch from Hawker Centre with big portions. Then dinner were eating out again. Sound pricey but food really cheap here. I thought our bodies protested that been treated quite badly. We try more careful choosing menus now on.

We had good news. Our pass been short it out. The Acknowledgment Letter turn up on Monday afternoon, then we pop into MOM. Took about one and a half hour until we’ve been called. Basically just completed the health from and submit our passport. I collected two hours later plus paid the fee. It cost S$160 in total for two year pass (mine more expensive because I am Indonesian !)

Anyway we survived so far. Managed things in order even I got bad news from Indonesia. My grandpa died seven days ago, while my grandma had a stroke. It urged me to visit home soon but we haven’t done basic to live in this country. Hope will see family sometimes next month.


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