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Meet The Ancesstor ! March 22, 2005

Filed under: Singapore,Travelling — ambar @ 10:15 am

Long tail Macaque Posted by Hello

We watched National Geographic on Monday evening about the Hobbit- an archeology bombshell that create dispute among scientist. I bought the magazine too at Borders. There were impresive maps of how the homo sapiens diverted into another branches. Some in Africa that become a goliath -a lot bigger and the hobbit in Indonesia that third smaller than recent human. The Liang Bua lady was part of the theory that evolution wasn’t linier. It might somewhere in this world we would find remains of extinct modern human. Probably near Flores where it looked like a cul-de-sac for the great traveller erectus.

We went to Bukit Timah Hill on Sunday. It was great to have a taste of tropical jungle. The paths are in good order. You won’t get lost….Oh the macaque -the monkey were everywhere. Cicadas -the noisy insect were quite amusing. If you clik cicadas you’ll find great links of cicadas mania. You’ll love it !!


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