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Expat Survival Guide March 20, 2005

Filed under: Singapore — ambar @ 1:45 pm

Neil Humprey’s book about his experience living in S’pore left me more question than answer. In his book he describe expat life as luxurious condo, dining in a club, etc I would consider our life isn’t look like that. We just been here three and a half weeks and could see how wonderful life in S’pore. Not because we living in cozy apartment, or eating out every night but most of it about people. Singapore is unique.

Living in HDB (council house) or condo isn”t excuse not to know grass root of Singaporean. We have lunch at Foodstall at Hawker Centre for nearly everyday, there would be aunties and uncles (commonly name for someone much older than you) who will serves you. Also street vendor or people who watering garden every day. It just how you get on with other people with different characters. Yes language is barrier but it doesn’t mean you not willing to give a nice gesture such as smile. Its about human relation wherever you from.


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