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Blink : Thinking Without Thinking March 18, 2005

Filed under: Singapore — ambar @ 3:15 pm

I fascinated by Malcolm Gladwell Blink. It gave me such understanding of our brain working, including what he called “thin slices” process. How we can make decision it just few seconds. How the instict works. And most importantly we can train those judment with thin slices.

I went to Kinokuniya to colect his first book Tipping Point which a NY best seller in 2000. I need this book to give me a background about epidemics -social, culture, fashion trends and society. In Singapore when trends is crucial into your social life, I still couldn’t understand how the trends been build up and changes everyday life.

Then I saw Life of Pi a story about a boy and bunch of animal survived from singking cargo ship. After read The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-time by Mark Haddon, give me views of how kid think about this world, specially when he’s got autism. I have been absorbed by Christoper’s way to understand this chaostic world. Living in his world trully different.

I tried not to worry about the works pass. But seemed took ages. We went to MOM (Ministry of Manpower) to get the pass after short notice that it is been granted. We only been told that we should bring the Acknowledgement Letter along with us. But we haven’t got yet. Mark little bit piss off by the authority and how the company handle this. Until I say that we have to be patient for this things. I experienced with many visa applications and this one is nothing. Patient Mark……

Anyway it was easy to extent our visit visa here. Just turn up into MOM and the officer will do everything. I think it will fine. My instict say so.


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