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A Big Big Durian March 15, 2005

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big durian Posted by Hello

This is a nickname for Esplanade -Theathre on The Bay by Singaporean. It was a controversial project regarding the design for their first modern theathre. Two dome with glasses section been covered with metal shader created spiky skin around it. Designed by DP Architects in Singapore and the UK firm of Michael Wilford and Partners, the new complex opened in October 2002, housing both a 2,000-seat theatre and 1,600-seat concert hall (with an extra 200 seats in the choir loft), as well as a recital room, drama studio, and several outdoor performance spaces on the waterfront along Marina Bay.

Now this is even been compare with Sydney Opera House or Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain. I never been in both places only read architecture review about them. But Durians is striking, elegant and clever. I went to the top terrace where actually below the two dome. It was a open performence with screen and lighting. Elegant because the curve and shape so beautifully engrave. Guggenheim was even more complex and difficult to build, it was too aggresive on using steel and metal curtains although I have to admit that Guggenheim was mathematically clever in design.This durian wasn’t so urban. I called it modern but not post-modern. It bargain between Eastern and Western.

Went to library at Esplanade where I found good collections of music, film, drama, acting and books. I read film scrip of Good Will Hunting (1997). The story about Will Hunting who genius in math without taking any formal education. Good story…..it won oscar for the Best Original Scrip by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Still.. I was crying read it.

I impressed that The Wayang Golek -traditional puppet show from west Java and The Shadow Puppet -from Central Java were been put in a glass as precious collections. Singaporean understand their diversity and open up for another culture (ie Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan). Also impressed to see young generation living what I call capitalism environment as they were enthuciast to do act classes. When living as an artist wouldn’t see as good as a banker then educate people to appreciate it is so important.


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