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Mrs Thatcher’s Orchid March 14, 2005

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Baroness Thatcher orchid

We spent weekend quite hectic actually. First we signed all the paper works for apartment in the middle of S’pore street with the owner and agents. Gave ID and cheque for deposit. Agree to hand over the key at 24th March at 8pm in Water Place. Then Joseph drove us to Suntec City for IT Show 2005 -the biggest IT and digital show. Was good, very very good but crowded. You must amaze how Singaporean were looking at. The wireless stuff seems very populer while in UK growing little bit slow. Digital camera were harvesting its technology but PC were just downhill price.

Left Suntec then we heading to Marina Bay with MRT. Mark got instant idea to go to Sentosa Island. Actually not far from the central, you name it central but in fact little bit further to East. We thought cable car was good idea. It was !
Only $11.90 return each you’ll have experience crossing the island with hanging on about 80 m above sea level. The view was fantastic ! You’ll see jetty harbour and the island it self. The Merlion-S’pore mascot stood there with his mouth open up. At night his mouth will jet streaming with water, his eyes were scanning S’pore mainland with green laser.
We end up walking along the beach and reached the southest view. It was nearly sunset, the sun was just leaving us behind thick clouds. We left Palawan beach using monorail-bit lazy. It was free service to travel around the island. It was fun ! View at night also fab ! The crime is my camera battery went dead. Couldn’t take any pics (remind me to put in charge Mark !).

Sunday was easy bit. We went to S’pore Botanic Garden at Holland Road. It looked like the garden just been expanding. They put permanent stage for the symphony orchestra held here every year calls Classics In The Park. It is due 1st May (remind me !). Also some more facilities such as library and laboratories for education purposes.
The only things that I really want to see is the Orchid Garden. I saw BBC gardening : A Year At Kew about orchids imported from Singapore’s garden. A close look would be better than heading to north London (we didn’t manage to go Kew before left England).

The garden was beautifully landscape with path, trees, waterfalls, fountains, pergolas. Cleverly done ! The Orchids were everywhere from the native to hybrids. The rare orchids were put in special place called Mist House. You’ll find lovely fragrant of orchids such as from Japan and China. Dont’t forget about vanilla. Mark just realised that vanilla scent was from this plants !
Also a special place for S’pore national orchid call Vanda Miss Joaquim. Named after a lady found this hybrid in her garden on 1893 then showed it to Henry Ridley-director of S’pore Botanic Garden. The two petals and the top sepal are rosy-violet, and the lateral sepals are a pale mauve. The lip is very large and broad and the middle lobe extends out loke a fan. It is coloured violet-rose, merging into a contrasting fiery orange at the centre. Beautiful !

Another section was called VIP Orchids which a hybrid colection named after famous people. The interesting one was the Dendrobium Margareth Thatcher at her visit in 1985. Striking colour with violet and red. Lateral petals were curly. Strong character orchid just as its name.
I would recommend Orchid Garden for viewing. Very friendly environment, path were well marked, beuatiful orchids. So what else you need ? hmmmm umbrella and suntan. It was really hot when we visited. I couldn’t wait for comeback on May !

Also we bought book : A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia by Morten Strange which Mark looking for it. Two more books were guide to local National Parks : Bukit Timah and Sungei Buloh. Another exploring to do !!


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