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Surveillance webcam March 10, 2005

Filed under: Singapore,Tech and Gadget — ambar @ 5:02 pm

How if you caught your PC thief red handed and send it to jail ? That was exactly happen to Duncan Grisby from Cambridgeshire who set-up his PC into surveillance webcam. How it worked quite simple. He set up his web cam and had software to detect any movement. Also design to send warning and record it through email. So you’ll keep the caption eventhough you lost your PC. That’s how you can see your culprit, smiling into your camera. You could see more details at BBC Magazine.

Today I bought similar webcam for $62 at Funan IT Centre, called V-Gear TalkCam USB 1.1 The reason I want to buy not to catch the thief but for teleconference with UK. See how it works !


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