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Water Place-our new home March 8, 2005

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Mark and koi pond in Water Place (it will take ages to build this in UK…)

Finally good news this afternoon. Yes we got it ! Joseph will pop in to do all the paper work. How the estate agent practice in S’pore really different with the one in UK. Basically we contact him to act behalf our need to deal with the owner. The owner also have the agent to short it out the rental conditions. If the rent above $2.5K our agent will not collect the comission, but if below that agent has to collect from the tenant as part of agreement. The same rule apply for the owner’s agent. News also from Crown -the removal company. They said will reload at 23rd of March mean we have to sort the house out beforehand. Or we end up stay in the hotel for couple days…

Not a good news from Bowens regarding work pass. Sarah application been pending due incomplete documents ( the officer lost the documents ??). So Sam went to Ministry of Manpower to extend her stay. Actually I suggested to go short holiday to Bali and come back with new ’30days stay’ permit. It will take some money out but you’ll enjoy nice weekend though…
This make me little bit worry about my dependent visa as well….We need it asap to have a local bank account and property legal documents. I don’t know with the beuarocracy here, seem takes at least 2 month to get approval from the Ministry. Learnt from the other case (based from Neil Humpreys’ book) the goverment little bit moody about giving permission of works.

Mark forwarded email from Hunters (our estate agent in UK) about updating situation. There is an application from a doctor with a kid about the house in Solihull. The family was concern about pond in our back garden. They asked for putting a net for safety. For us it doesn’t matter as long as they’ll take care of the property. The four girls that viewing our house just before we left failed to rent for undisclosed reasons.

Went to IKEA today at Alexandra Rd and decide not to buy anything. It’s just a copy of any IKEA store in the rest of the world. You won’t get any special overthere except mass production designer things (remind me their advert). I like the rattan containers made from banana leaves but that’s it. Bought Indonesian’s cakes instead at Bengawan Solo-opposite IKEA. So can’t wait to move in a new home…..oh bad news for Paul Bryant. Our house at 12th storey hope he will OK with view from the window.


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    the internet speed was bloody slow

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