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Apartment hunting March 8, 2005

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We’ve been around last weekend for apartment hunting. Joseph -our agent were drove us to several places that would be meet our requirements. Basically we only need 2 bed, easy access to work, and storages for our stuff (inc Mark’s diving gear, boogey kite etc) with budget under S$3K.

Saturday we went to area around Leonie Rd near Regency Park where Bowen’s already live in. There were interesting property that we ask before-Tanglin Park to have a look. There were four apartments- two in block A. The first was great, specially with high ceiling. View from window was calming. Imagine like we living in the middle of junggle. Trees everywhere, bird singing, squairel chasing around. Great ! The thing that let us down was the kitchen and bathroom condition. This project finished 1988 and some apliences started deteriote. The second apartment was just the same but has updating kithcen with background garden. The two faces Tanglin Rd a busy road shortcut to Orchard.

On Sunday Joseph took us into another two apartments in different block. It was faces a compound house-again with lots of tree. The price about the same :S$2.3-2.5K depends of furnished or unfurnished.

Then we been drove to East Coast area call Tanjung Rhu-where new development just sprung. Actually it is bit like a bay or harbour -not far from old airport. Called Water Place, this is brand new 15 storey residential apartment standing vividly in modern architecture and superb landscape. Joseph showed two apartments, the first one was 2 bedroom and the second 3 bedroom. We love the 3 bedroom because of space in the kitchen and bright light. The quality of the apartment just 1st class specially the bathroom with sinking bathtub. The kitchen is great- the same standard as European one. The view also down to the pools in the middle tower compound. Green but we realise this is been made by man unlike the Tanglin Park. The traffic sound was quite daunting but then been replaced by sound of water. The prices quite interesting. The 2 beds is S$2.5K while the 3 beds is $$2.6 both unfurnished.
Another interesting point of Water Place is koi pond. It was a big pond and been sorounding by tropical garden. The only thing makes Water below the point is access to the city. Eventhough taxi is cheap but we agree not to rely on in daily basis.

We were bit torn it two. They have a such distictive characters. Our consideration for Water Place becauce such as new apartment, good price, superb landscpe. We also found out that the management provide courtessy bus to travel Suntec City-the biggest commersial area in S’pore in every hour. At second viewing we managed to take a bus from Stadium carpark to Dhoby took 25 minutes including walking from apartment to busstop. So it was not too bad.

Anyway after seen 6 apartement on Saturday and 7 on Sunday we fell in Water Place. Yesterday we put an offer to the owner for $2.6K plus fridge and washing machine. We’ll let you know when we have a news.


2 Responses to “Apartment hunting”

  1. --ambar-- Says:

    To answer Gordon question about sinking bath it was a granite with square shape laying down below the floor level. Appox 20 cm with headrest on another end. It looks like a pool for your legs. Design for tropical country. Great !

  2. marti Says:

    I want to ask- why you don’t use internet for aparments to rent? At least you don’t need to spend all day just to see how crap apartment is..

    Apartment search

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