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A Curry Lunch at Little India March 3, 2005

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vegetarian curry lunch pack

Typical tropical country weather today. On off torrential rain with lightning and humidity about 80-90%. I managed to get out from apartment about midday. Took MRT from Clarke Quay. The station a little bit messy outside. Undergoing construction of new line called Central Line which is connect everyline of MRT without going to city centre. I think that’s a good idea ’cause with 3MRT and 2LRT now it’s difficult to shortcut if you live in suburb. City Hall, Dhoby Ghaut and Raffles Place seemed too far away each other. Also the new link will open some of improving areas such as East Coast (Tanjung Katong) and Bukit Timah.

Soon got off in Little India was an Indian market along the street. Cornershop or sharee. Also flower seller as part of Indian praying to God. I never see such of this in England. Beautiful colour… I asked to the seller about grass been binded. They called Kappa-grass for elephant God : Ganesha. In Hindusm Ganesha is God of Education also destroyer for vanity, selfishness and pride. I bought jasmine necklace ’cause love the fragrant. Remind me with Indonesia. It used to be a Hindu country before the colonial start up 300 years ago. Some people remain Hindu like in Bali. That’s why Bali so unique. The only Hindu island in thousand muslim islands.

Walking along Serangoon St and spot the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple with obvious gate. This temple built 1881 by Bengali labourers who been imported by British. The gate was really tall beutifully carved with Hindu’s God and Godess sculptures. Then heavy rain made me stop by a vegetarian Indian restaurant opposite the Temple. With S$3 or a quid you will have a big portion of lunch pack in banana leave. Oh… and you have eat by hand ! Don’t worry, there were two vanity unit to wash your hand before and after meal. The food was good pieces. Plain rice (mine just half portion), vegetable curries were smashing ! The souces made from spices authentically from India. Wowww never taste like this…..just real curry ! Together with me a group of Indian worker with such curious looking at me.

Dinner with Ching Ming, Mark and Martin at FishFood. Ching Ming is Singaporean Sendo’s guy. Really genuine bloke. Had some tips from him about how to survive in this country. Hmmm first hand advice…(including not telling your wife how much money you spent for build PCB)


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  1. Alexander Says:

    Ah, Thali. Symbol of India 🙂

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