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Public Transport : MRT and the bus March 2, 2005

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The public transport in S’pore is really good. Well managed. People using it because a lot of cheaper than car. If you have car you’ll need special permits first, pay at leat $12K a year for tax. Too pricy.

MRT or tube is really convinient for travelling. It’s clean, Air Con, tidy, and frequent. Electronic ticketing is a good idea. You do not need ID to buy it, just amount of money on it. Unlike tube, ticket have to be purchase first and put in electronic code reader as the ticket go inside. This EZ tickets only tap on top of scanner and you’ll see a full charge for particular trip. Soon you leave MRT, tap again to see how much actual charge it was.

Similar with the bus. We bought Tansport Map plus Bus Guide for $3.90 which is really useful. The fare various from the type of the bus you using. Around $0.80-$1.0 or about £0.40 per single trip. Really cheap. That’s why people relay on public transport. The facility is great. No graffiti or vandals. Hope Mr Blair and Mr Darling think about this when come to the transportation issue.

The only disadvantage of the bus is not designed for disable people or baby pram. You’ll need going up into two steps to actually on sitting area. Same problem with buggy or heavy carriage. Anyway you still can use taxi which is easy to find. Not the end of the world….

PS : Happy Birthday Mark Corbridge !!!!! I love a card which mum sent it to you. You looked really cuuutttteeeeeee !!!!

We had special dinner at Pierside Kitchen and Bar with river view eastern part from The Esplanade -Theathre on the Bay aka ‘Durian’

Menu for Ambar was a special package :
Apetiser : Fresh Oyster served in small glass with crushed ice, shreded chilies and ginger
It was a hit ! Really good
Starter : Liver duck patee served with salad and wild mushroom
The patee was smooth, not so strong flavour (they should put lemon on it), the mushroom little bit too plain for me. I thought might been cooked with oil rather than with butter
Oooh and a half glas of white wine which is light and dry (chardonay)
Between starter and main I have served with smal glass of lemon sorbet with chinese fruit which gave sorbet nice texture and more sour. Clever !!! Because you need something to neutrilised your mouth after eat patee.
Main : Lobster tail in risotto
It was nicely presented. I thought the lobster just a piece but come up with reasonable portion. Slightly chinese herb with french parsley. The risotto served with sweet pea and slightly cheesy. Absolutely fab !
The main course accompanied by a half glass of red wine (dry and smooth) and glass of water
Desert : Choc pudding with blackbery and peanuts ice cream topping with caramel souce
Share it with Mark. It was crumbly. The pudding just blended with ice cream nicely and caramel gave amount of sweet on it. The desert served with sweet wine (this time not to make me drunk !)
Mark’s menu:
Starter : crab being fryed served with salad plus glass of white wine
Main : fish been poached in wine then served with mushroom and cream souce
The mushroom was chewy but taste very nice. Fish with slightly pepper on top was great with the souce which been made from liquid poach of wine. Superb !
Second glass of wine. No desert.

All together cost around S$200 or 70 quid. Haaaa…but that’s worth it. Actually it was our first wine since we’ve been in this country. Overall the food was superb, good service and well presented. It’s good for special occassion or celebrating something. Nice river view and athmospher just fantastic ! Special about service : we’ve been treated in European standard. Well done guys !


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