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Looking for Books : Kinokuniya or Borders March 1, 2005

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Kinokuniya is a Japanese franchise for bookstore in S’pore. Apparently become a big flux in Asia as manga-mania (japanese comic) spreading through all generation and races. The main one is in Orchard Road on Ngee Ann City (mall with most famous brand you know). The book collection for photography, architecture and fine arts are enormous. It is just a heaven for me. I bought Singapore Architectural Heritage Award 1994-2004 which is really good book for photo hunting. Another one is Notes from an Even Smaller Island from Neil Humphreys- a London bloke who decide living in S’pore after being mugged twice by teenegers (how safe UK now on ?). I found this book quite amusing which telling funny side from shock culture western meet eastern. I’ll tell you later when I am finish reading it.

Borders also a big bookstore just lied in the first floor of Wheelock Place – a building with pyramid glass on entrance. I reckon from America, because you’ll find most of american author in its finest collection. The travelling books collection are huge. A lots about another exotic asia country such as : China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia also European were a big favorite for local. The best things about Borders is bargain book counter. That’s where I found a book about bridge’s structure call : Bridges : A History of the World’s Most Famous and Important Span by Judith Dupre. Coffe table short of book but information about civil engineering really struck me. Borders more reader friendly than Konikuniya. They provides seat and cafe in back door to enjoy reading (not only buying -things that sometime bookshop did not realise it).

Compare with Borders in Bullring B’ham …..hmmmm nothing. This is even bigger. I bought Contemporary Architecture and that’s the only one. So if you love art go to Kinokuniya but if you looking for bargain book just go to Borders first.

Foods today :
Lunch with Tom Yum Chicken Soup at Thai Food Stall at Meridien Shopping Centre shared with Mark. It generous soup with fresh herbs (lemon grass, galangal, shredded lime leaves). This is recommended to everybody who love spicy mix with nice fragrant of herbs. Also Sarah and Sam had steamed rice with stir fry served in hot plate. Yummm…

Dinner at Food Stall at undeground Tanglin Mall. I had Nasi Padang-a package of rice with curry fish and spicy veg stir fry plus sambal (chillies !!!) from Sumatra. Mark had Australian fish and chips. The fish plus prawn were fresh (white and meaty when it chewed) deep fried in really high temperature for just few minutes. Result : delicious !

Today we managed to have a quick peek of two apartments. Regency Park in Nathan Rd is really nice, big, and look modern. It might be suit for young family with baby or kids. The architecture little bit odd but OK. The only reason we didn’t take it because the price. It cost around $3.5K to $5.0K which is for us that’s too much.

Then we walked to Tanglin Park apartment. Really nice area with lots of trees and houses (proper house mean 6-10 bedroom), embassies and government office. This area might be been protected from highrise development. Most of apartments are lowrise (3-4 storey) and garden was great. The price is on our budget, around $2.3K -5.5K. We managed to arrange viewing with estate-man on Saturday afternoon. See what it would be.


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