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Nature Trek at MacRitchie February 28, 2005

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ambar enter the jungle

Another option of apartment hunting is up to South area. Sunday morning mainly people going to churches. Christian is majority here as the Buddhist or Tao. We off around 12 after light breakfast. This time we took North South Line (red line MRT) from Dhoby and off in Toa Payoh.

Straight from station is a market. People who living in this area mainly malay or chinese with apartment spreading to far end. Various quality, little bit tacky mainly not AC. But environment OK. We feel like in the village in S’pore rather than in middle of city. Further we were scanning Braddel St and so on end up in Bishan Station. Bishan little bit like town with really good shopping centre. Stop by at BreadTalk for lunch. Ambar had bread with Rooster theme (apparently Chinese year for 2005) with dry beef mince. Surprisingly spicy with delicacy of Chinese’s taste. Plus Mango Grappe-mango juice with crushed cube ices.

At Bishan we took bus to Thomson Road then have a little wonder in jungle over there. We saw a big family of monkey (little one) with two babies carried by mother. The jungle really dense and humidity was unbearable. Ambar keep winged about sweating like a bucket. Insect were everywhere. Most of it is mosquitoes and midges.

We found nature trekker by the Golf Club which emerged to MacRitchie Nature Trek. The track was in good condition, full of people jogging rather than walking. Unfortunately we couldn’t cycling here. May be for safety reason. This trek create in jungle around reservoir enlarged by Municipal engineer James MacRitchie in 1891. As a central catchments for reservoir the forest is under protection by Singapore’s law. We found a large number of tree which about 70 ft, wild animal lives happily here. Combine with Bukit Timah Nature Reserves which covering area 2800 ha the MacRitchie trek is truly an different atmosphere

Then have a rest on the hut on top of hill in torrential rain. It was jungle adventure in middle of S’pore !


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