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Day 1 was great ! February 28, 2005

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Spore night-time

We arrived on Friday 24th at Changi Airport at 16.33 after delay an hour in Amsterdam. Then we took taxi to our apartment where in central of S’pore. We’ll stay what they call service apartment. There is video footage from our friend Sam Bowen which also contain apartment’s neighbourhood. Look like a hotel but you’ll have your own kitchen and basic living stuff. The shop or restaurant just in the first floor while we staying at 9th. Fully AC (its 30-33C everyday !) and very close to Orchard Rd which Singaporean proud as their modern highstreet.

After 12 hours flight we explored our neighbourhood with no feeling of jetlag (not yet). We managed to buy sandals and standard stuff (milk, bread, juice and marmalade) also we learned how to get ez-link an electronic ticketing that allow you to travel in many ways. We bought first card $15 at Dhoby Gaut MRT (Mass Rapid Transport=tube) the closest MRT station in our place.

We had nice dinner in Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant in Plaza Singapura in Orchard Rd. The wonton prawn noodle was a good hit with a dripping of chilli oil. The roasted duck was delicious with ginger and lemon sauce (the skin is the best: crispy and spicy !!). Price is reasonable, about $40 something for 2 big soups and two meal (duck and crab ball).

S’pore is wonderful at night time. Modern apartment blended with traditional houses (temples, churches, colonials, Chinese, Malays etc). Really safe and you will have feeling comfort by local who will help you. At 10.30pm the jet-lag effect starting. Heading back by foot watching lightning above the sky.


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  1. Mark Says:

    Dose Sam know you are reposting his links:-)

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